Services We Provide

100% quality service by Sai Aircon to all kinds of home appliances from our well trained expert technicians with minimum price of repair charge at your doorstep.

Ac Service

Sai Aircon provides you well trained & skilled professionals at your doorstep. The technicians are ready to repair anything at any time. Our prime emphasis is to satisfy our customers with loyal service. Sai Aircon provides you all brands of services of both split and window AC repair service in Chennai.

Fridge Service

A refrigerator is a continuous working electronic device that keeps your food fresh for a long time for utilization. But after some time like six months or a year or a two-year electronic device faces several problems like leakage, low cooling temperature, uncontrolled or overcooling, noise problems which is vital to improving on time.

Washing Machine Service

Once again Sai Aircon Washing Machine Repair Service in Chennai is here to fix all repairing problems of all home appliances at your doorstep. We provide you the best skilled and trained Engineers to your home to fix all the problems at any time. Our motto is to satisfy our customers.

Ro Service

With the increasing pollution in air and water, your prone to fall ill more often. If you want to give a good health to your family, drinking pure water, free from pollutants is necessary. RO water purifier is one of the best appliance that you have at your home or office to ensure that you are drinking safe water.

Microwave Service

Whether your standard microwave, Grill Microwave and Convection microwave is not producing heat, not working at all, or any other issue. Our technicians will come to your home, correctly diagnose the problem, and provide you with the best service out there in the industry.

Water Heater Service

Our team is efficient is fixing and repairing ur existing geyser; we also undertake AMC of geysers that are electrical and gas geyser. Spare parts / repair is also done on site.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The basic servicing and inspection Charge Rs.150/- and AC General Service charges start approximately from Rs.500/-.

The average low cost for a refrigerator repair is about Rs.350/-

The minimum cost to repair a washing machine service Rs.400/-

What Is The Maintenance Cost Of RO Water Purifiers? An RO water purifier's maintenance cost can be anywhere between ?2,000 to ?6,000 per year, which includes the cost of replacement of the RO membrane and other filters and the labour cost.

The cost to repair a microwave minimum charges Rs.400/-

Usually, most well- known geyser service providers carry out inspections on a minimum rate of Rs.250/-